Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cabin raising

Things are moving along nicely and we are almost ready for our first camera test.

As you can see, the louse and a couple of fleas are in production and will be ready soon, but more impressive is the progress made on the cabin. Thanks to George, Phil and Jon for their hard work on this little set.

Naturally the following pictures are not properly lit nor staged, but they give a you an idea of what the set will look like. Note the intrusion of the louse's chair in the final shot!

Cheers, Neil.


  1. The new models look fantastic! The look is very you, and so much articulation, I can tell already.

    And guys, the cabin looks amazing. I might even suggest some kind of simple tapestries to make it look warm and homey. Quick trip to Joanne's fabrics and I'm sure you'd find something great.

    Can't wait to pow-wow with you all about the motion design. Neil, I'd love to get some character tests in as soon as they're ready. I'm sure Keenan would too.

  2. We need bring in some warm, orange fireside light. That'll look nice and cozy while it's dark and blue outside and the fleas freeze to death.

  3. Yep - we're contemplating LEDs.