Thursday, February 10, 2011

Evolution of a shot

Here are the first three steps in a single shot's progression - bear in mind that this is still NOT the final shot as there are more elements to add, tweaking to be done, the temporary 'cracks' to be replaced and full colour correction needed - but it is a good indication of the work going into our project.

Firstly, here is the raw footage complete with green screen and 'breakaway' crevice.

Next is a first pass at cleaning up the shot, removing the rigging, animating a new rope at the end and creating a constant foreground.

Now we see a version with more elements composited into the shot, including a new shadow for the flea, temporary background plates, rear fog elements, a live action 'snow splash' a CG snow test and some colour tweaks.

When the shot is complete, I will post it here so that you can see the final result.