Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Props of Small Sacrifices

Small Sacrifices takes place in a universe that is at once familiar and totally alien.

In realizing this vision, Neil and his designers drew upon many different inspirations for the look of the main props that would be used by the Louse and his Sherpa Flea team.

At the back of their minds, a period feel, dating back to the turn of the 20th Century combined with modern interpretations of steam-punk design, seemed most appropriate to the story, and with this in mind, the main items were fabricated.

The louse's Alpine Horn was designed by Neil and Phil using sculpy and acrylic paint. Phil also sculpted a lightweight version from dense Styrofoam for use on the flea Sherpa.

The cabin was initially designed by Phil, then made as a 3D computer model by George, who then built this intricate wooden version, complete with wild walls and working door and windows.

The Louse's chair was designed and built by Phil, sculpted from dense Styrofoam and painted with acrylics. Notice one of Phil's bug pin-ups on the wall of the cabin behind the chair.

The gramophone was designed and built by Neil and features a rotating turntable and hinged amplifiers for that true, turn of the century stereo sound.

Neil designed the telescope and George built a tiny working model, complete with lenses and true telescoping action.

The Louse's camera is a true hybrid of design, incorporating turn of the century aesthetics with Polaroid technology! Only the best for our Louse! George built the amazing model complete with working flash, extendable lens and opening case.

SPOILER ALERT! Some of the fleas might come to a sticky end.
That said, here is the prop for the poor frozen flea. This was made using cellophane wrap, glue sticks and varnish. Neil built the original, and Keenan and Roberta improved upon it.

Finally, here is one of the Sherpas with his baggage platform in place. The luggage was mostly made from Styrofoam plus some objects found in hobby shops and laying around in the workshop. Phil made some terrific little wooden platforms and Neil made some rubber straps to hold the whole construction in place.

We hope you enjoy watching the cast of Small Sacrifices use and abuse these props when the film is released to festivals worldwide in 2011.

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