Tuesday, March 24, 2009

End of Quarter Review

Greetings all,

Firstly, my apologies for the recent slow down in activity, but the pressing needs to pass algebra and find a way to stay in the country have diverted my attention.
All being well, we should be able to get up and running fairly soon.
I want to take this opportunity to welcome Karen into the fold - Karen might be able to work on the sound design for the film, which would be an enormous boost to its production value.
If any of you are thinking about game development for a future career, you might want to check out Karen's new book, Game Sound, which is on sale now.

Our tentative crew as it stands right now is myself (director), Keenan, Jake, Robinson (animators), Jon (compositor), Phil (concept design) and Karen (sound design). Obviously there will be some cross-pollination too :-)
Marty is still enthused about stationing us in the motion control camera cage for the rest of the year, and will be inviting us in to discuss the running of the equipment soon.

I'll keep you all updated with emails and on this site as the work progresses, but until then, thanks again for coming onboard - and here's to big festival wins!

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  1. Thanks for the book plug, Neil! And nice to "meet" all of you. I'm excited to be involved. I've already been driving my friends crazy testing out acapella sound effects for the insects ;)