Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The first 45 seconds in storyboard form

SHOT 1 - The wind howls across a bare mountain side, sending flurries of fresh snow into the air. A boot crashes down, swiftly followed by four more. We pull back and around as the owner of the boots (a flea) leaps out of frame, closely followed by another flea. We continue to pull out and the whole party is revealed, ascending the mountain in their haphazard jumping manner. Fresh swirls of snow blow in, obscuring our view of the climbers.

SHOT 2 - The Louse pauses, looking at his surroundings with indifference. We crane down his bloated body as he removes his pipe from his mouth and taps it on his cane. We continue to crane down, following the detritus from the pipe as it soils the virgin snow.

SHOT 3 - The Louse pulls sharply on the guide line.

SHOT 4 - The flea ahead of him is yanked back and stands still.

SHOT 5 - The Louse packs a fresh wad of tobacco into his pipe with one arm as he retrieves his telescope with another arm. He holds the scope to his eye.

SHOT 6 - Louse POV - he scans the mountain face until he sees a tiny wooden cabin - his refuge for the night.

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