Monday, May 4, 2009

Creating a rough prototype--wind sounds, part 2

So I've edited a few tastes of the rough sketch for the particle sounds. There's a lot of background noise because it's a nice day outside, and I wanted to test the first run outside where I can let the particles scatter all over and make a nice mess for the squirrels to clean up!

Now that I've narrowed down possibilities, I can do some re-takes in a quieter environment.

Here's a few compressed samples:

Flax seed on cardboard with the U87 & 702T
Flax seed on tent with the H4 stereo mic/recorder
Sesame seed on tent with the H4 stereo mic/recorder
Sesame seed on cardboard with the U87 & 702T

Have a listen-- You'll have to imagine the results of an indoor session when the mic can be a little farther back from the surface.

I also still have to figure out a way to have a somewhat regular dispersal of the material onto the surface--dropping it from my hand is too irregular and risks clumping sounds. Any ideas? Unfortunately a fan makes too much noise. I'm thinking a funnel might work....

1 comment:

  1. Interesting sound effects, Karen. I think #1 and #3 are most effective, #3 especially I can imagine during a close up of a snow swept insect face. Some the 'heavier' sounds would work well for the night scene when the louse is comfy in his cabin and the fleas are stuck outside. I'm looking forward to hearing the indoor session results. Great work!