Sunday, May 10, 2009

ruff fog pass test

Hey every one
thought id post an environmental fog pass that i was working on today, if you have any comments, ideas, and/or a way you think the fog should look please do share.


  1. Hey, would you look at that :-)
    Nice work Jon.

  2. Actually, rather than being fog, I would prefer to use this in the later stages of the climb to suggest low clouds.

  3. love the fog, Jon! i'm not sold on the sky color, though. the gradient looks a little flat and phony.

  4. The actual skies are going to be live plates from Tahoe.

  5. Fog needs to be less subtle. It should pop out more. Though the animation of the fog is very good. I too agree with Jake not particularly loving the sky color.

    Rough test is always rough; keep on it brah.