Saturday, May 30, 2009

Designing the cabin

Using Phil's initial concept art as a guideline, George stepped up and offered to build the cabin for a series of key scenes in the middle of the film.

He began by building a basic model of the dimesions using CG, and then after my approval, he put together a more finished version. This is instrumental in helping figure out how the actual cabin is going to look on set. The following video is made up from a series of his images.

The next stage is a cardboard mock-up. This will help me place it on the set, and figure out the best angles to shoot it at and how well the dimensions will work with the puppets - once all this is finalized, George will go ahead and build the final, wooden version.


  1. I like how this is turning out, can't wait to see the finished model :)

  2. Texture is nice and working well. I'd love to see the cabin too look "funny." Some examples of Open Season can be a good template or even look at some car designs on Monster vs. Aliens. Push the design!